Artwork Guidelines
on all orders placed with 

We cannot guarantee any colour matching for artwork that is not supplied with Pantones.
Due to the nature of digital printing, we are unable to print metallic or fluorescent colours.
Because no two printers or sub-straights are the same, colours may vary from product to product. it is therefore essential that the correct Pantone colours are supplied with the artwork.
We cannot match CMYK or RGB values.
If artwork is supplied in CMYK or RGB, a printed sample must either be signed off or a written acknowledgement must be sent to us confirming a go-ahead to print without matching colours.
Images saved from a website and other such low res files cannot be used.
Flat images (Raster files i.e. .jpg) need to be supplied with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi actual size.
Low resolution images become pixelated and display extremely poor when enlarged.
We will not be held responsible for any pixelation of low resolution images.
We cannot adjust the colour of flat images and thus will not take responsibility for incorrect colour prints.
All fonts in vector artwork need to be converted to paths, curves or outlines.
Alternatively, please supply the font files.
All lines in vector artwork need to be locked

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